UI-command wysiwyg web editor

UI-command editor is a creation of me and i shy away from telling everyone that this is a professional solution for all your purpose; but it works for me! I decided to share it in the hope it will works for you too, in the way i like or in some other ways you will be more confortable.

I took ui-command wysiwyg editor in some retails of time in the last month and of course it is currently under development but some things are ready and at this time ui-command lets me write this text that is such a letter for visitors of uicommand.org.

Few weeks ago, i starting create this wysiwyg web editor that is a in development part of another project. Of course i don't intend it to be a professional software: it is not complete and at the state of the art there are a lot of things that needs to be add, removed and modified, but it is very fast, build from scratch as an editable area in a single Javascript file that can be simply add to your pages. Designed simply with png icons and css3 stylesheet that you can modify by yourself.

It's scheme is ready to be used, destroyed, modified or simply studied.


Build a fully functionality web wysiwyg editor encapsuled in one only javascript file that will be always Free and distribute free under the terms of the GNU Affero GPL license.


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